Our first race weekend in the TA2 Muscle Car series provided a range of emotions for the team. We headed into the weekend not really knowing how we would compare with the field but had a goal of getting into the top half.

Friday practice was a good start where we got comfortable with the car and appeared to be lapping with pretty good pace, easily within the top 10 of the large field. We left the track with confidence that it was shaping up to be a stellar first weekend in the series.

Saturday morning we hit the track with a split session qualifying. It was split based on championship position and since this was our first event, I was relegated to the “lower” half of the field. The format was that the lower half would complete a 15minute sessions, followed immediately by the top half. John was able to put down a couple decent laps, although with some mistakes. After a brief cool down on track and regathering of nerves, John was able to put in a great time which was enough to put him on top of the lower half session.

All we could do was then wait while the top half did there session. Our eyes were glued to the timing screen to see just how far John would get pushed down the order. It turned out that wasn’t very far, John’s time was enough to put him 5th on the grid for race 1!

Ecstatic with this performance the whole team was looking forward to race 1! Starting off 5th John was able to hold his position throughout the race in which he hounded the back of George Miedecke. Although unable to make a pass we finished in 5th and were more than happy with that!

Race 2 for the round was due to be a twilight race at the end of Saturdays schedule. Lining up in 5th again John was looking forward to trying to maybe move forward. Off the start all was looking well until Aaron Seton lost control while in the lead of the race on the exit of turn 1. Seton spun across the track between turn 1 and 2 and the field scattered to avoid the stranded Mustang.

Unfortunately Seton rolled back as John tried to slip by and John tagged the back of Setons cars. The car suffered significant damage to the front right and was unable to complete the race. The damage ultimately putting us out of the round. We elected to take the car back to the workshop and ensure we got the repair right.

It was a disappointing way to end the round, but the team still came out of it with confidence for a strong 2020 season.

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