So 2020 was the year that wasn’t. With the world stopping because of COVID19, our season was cut short with only 1 round down. This was a little disappointing for us as we were sitting on top of the standings after winning round 1 at Winton. Never the less, it certainly wasn’t the worst thing that could happen and us, like everyone bunkered down and rode out the various lockdowns and restrictions that the country faced throughout 2020. Unfortunately we also didn’t really get a chance to do much testing or get to the track much at all through this time, so the year was pretty much a write off for us in terms of development with the TA2.

Now we are firmly into 2021 and things are looking better on the COVID front, especially in Australia. You may have noticed we missed the first round of the 2021 Series at Sydney Motorsport Park early this month. This was because my Wife and I welcomed our little boy to the world on February 7th. With little Noah coming along we felt it was too much to make a trip to Sydney to race, and elected to sit out the round and focus on looking after our little guy.

Today, entries for Round 2 at Morgan Park opened and we have submitted our entry. It will be our first time at the track in 2021 and the first time ever for Noah!

We have spent a few days in the workshop prepping the car for the new year, ensuring everything is good to go for an attack at Morgan Park. The car is almost ready and we will be sending it away this weekend for a bit of a tune up. All the team here are excited to hit the track again, as its been way to scarce over the last 12+ months.

This year we also welcome on a new sponsor, KCK Lubricants, who will be supplying us with the fluids for the car throughout the year and I thank them for there support. Look out in the future for some great promotions between KCK and myRaceprofile!

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