myRaceprofile are the leading website building and hosting specialists for the racing community, myRaceprofile are our major sponsors of the TA2 Mustang. They are web development company for the motorsport and racing industry, from racer websites such as this one, to teams, tracks, stores, the lot.

Herron Accountants came on board at the end of 2019 where they helped us not only go racing, but manage the finances behind running a TA2 race team. They specialize in motorsport business accounting and have a passion for cars.

KCK Lubricant formulas have been winning races since 1982 and have been used to smash records in some of the toughest environments in motorsport. KCK Lubricants range of engine oil’s, gear oil’s and additives are developed to help prevent lubrication failures in extreme conditions. Australian made and family owned, KCK Lubricants have been developed for racers to protect their investments.

North Lakes Signs have been providing us with high quality signs since we started racing, from excels to our TA2, they have always looked after our cars and provided awesome results. They also do store/building signage and pretty much anything else you can think of.

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